Develop a working application that implements an interface. Some interfaces provided by the Java API to consider for your project are Runnable, Maps, Sets, or Lists, if you choose not to create one of your own. Develop the following, which requires you to implement a Runnable Interface:

Write a program that does the following:

  • Implements the runnable() interface
  • Implements the run() method of the runnable() interface to do the following:
    • Count down, starting with the number 5 and going to 0
    • Print the name of the thread and the current value of countdown integer for each integer counted down
    • Print “Blast Off!” when 0 is reached in the countdown
  • Creates five threads in your main class giving each thread a name: “Thread 1”, “Thread 2”, “Thread 3”, “Thread 4”, and “Thread 5”
  • Starts all five threads

Note: The Thread.currentThread().getName() method is helpful for retrieving thread names. ** Remember to comment ALL of your work throughly.

Explain Your Process:

  • Explain how you used the Interface.
  • Explain how overriding through an Interface was used.
  • Discuss where polymorphism was used in the application.
  • Identify where you used overriding or overloading in your application.
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