Create a trivia game. The end user will be asked randomized questions and it will check answer and keep score. There will also be an admin portion that allows modification of the questions asked. The admin part will be able to add, delete, and view questions (with the questions answer and point value).

The admin class will have:

  • a basic GUI
  • stores question data in a Random Access File
  • enter question/answer with associated point value
  • delete question by searching for question in the random access file
  • show questions, associated answers and point value
  • questions must be stored in binary Random Access File with this structure: question 50 bytes, answer 20 bytes, question value int
  • create and use user defined exception to make sure q&a do not go over the number of bytes set forth in your record structure and point value is 1-5
  • 15 questions in question bank

Create a class for game user data with the following ability:

  • the user's name
  • user's gamer name (like their gamer tag)
  • current total score (sum of all user's game sessions)
  • ability to store user object to a serialized file, and the file will be named after the user's real name such as johndoe.dat. Don't worry about duplicate file names.

Create a class for the questions that include:

  • question, answer, value, and questionID
  • accessor method to return all instance field (like a toString)

Create a class to store a trivia game object that does the following:

  • stores all question objects
  • use random number generation to read 5 questions for the place that stores the questions in set.
  • return next question object in set
  • checks answer and returns the outcome while ignoring case

Create class to run game

  • GUI
  • ask if existing user
  • if new then create a new user object and ask for required user data
  • if existing then prompt for user name and read info from serialized file if file isn't found then handle exception robustly by providing error message and prompting again
  • create trivia game object
  • start the game in this sequence
    • display question
    • prompt answer
    • check answer
    • display check results
    • update users total score
    • display the users current game score
    • continue to display new question until game is over (5 questions)
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