Jim’s Store is having a 5-day sale during which the price of any unsold item drops 1.15% each day of the sale. I want you to write a complete program plan (introduction, variable list, and main algorithm) that reads the data in from the keyboard and displays the requested information on the screen.

To be able to show the required information, you need to allow input that includes an inventory item number, the inventory item description, and the original price. The data might look like the following:

Field Description Data Type Example
Inventory Item Number String A1234
Inventory Item Description String Number 2 Widgets
Original Price Numeric $20.00

The output to the screen needs to include the following information:

Inventory Item Number
Inventory Item Description
Original Price
Discounted price for each of the 5 days of the sale (5 prices).

How to calculate the discounted prices:

To calculate the day 1 price, subtract 1.15% of the original price from the original price. For day 2 price, subtract 1.15% of the day 1 adjusted price. Continue calculating and displaying the adjusted prices for each of the five days using the previous day’s calculation for the next day’s calculation. Use a counting loop for the sale prices. DON’T use five separate calculations.

Use an appropriate heading on the screen and use a program loop to allow the user to enter other inventory items to display their 5-day discounts.

NOTE 1: do not ask the user to make any calculations. The program should make all calculations.

NOTE 2: do not include modules or arrays in your design. It is required that you use two loops, a program loop and a counting loop to process your inventory items.

Write a complete program plan, including Introduction, Variable List/Data Dictionary, and Detailed Plan (main algorithm). Read the problem statement to determine what needs to be output and what should be calculated.

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