You will draw an ERD (Entity Relationship Diagram for the following case. You must state all assumptions and questions necessary. Moreover, you should make some effort to define attributes (i.e. fields as well as primary and foreign keys) for the entities.


James Sportsdome is an athletic facility offering services in Winona, Minnesota. It consists of a recreation facility where residents have the opportunity to participate in multiple athletics classes/programs.


Members: When joining the Sportsdome, individuals are assigned a unique four-digit Member ID number. This information along with their name, address, phone number, gender, birth date, and date of membership are recorded. At the time of enrollment, each member decides on one of three available membership types along with a fixed membership fee: Platinum ($400), Gold ($300), and Silver ($200). This is a one-time fee that establishes a fixed annual membership. Each membership type allows access to at least one facility.

Facilities and Equipment: The Sportsdome has a variety of facilities and equipment choices. Each facility has a unique room number and a size limitation associated with it. Some of the rooms contain pieces of exercise equipment; all have a serial number (provided by its manufacturer) that is used for inventory purposes. In addition, for each piece of equipment, purchase date and the date of its last maintenance are recorded. Each piece of equipment belongs to a specific equipment type, such as stair master machine, and is assigned a unique three-digit identification number. The description, the manufacturers model number, and the recommended maintenance interval for that model of equipment are also kept on file.

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