• In this project, you will be simulating the Josephus problem using a circular linked list. A skeleton code for CircularList, a complete JUnit test suite, Leader.java and two text files (data files) are all provided for you.
  • You need to complete the code in the CircularList.java file. You dont need to touch any of the other files.
  • Read the javadoc comment for each method and make sure your method behaves exactly the way it is supposed to.
  • The data files PresidentsAndVicePresidents.txt and PrimeMinisters.txt should be in the same directory where your .classpath is.
  • Your program should pass all the tests in the test suite.
  • Your first job is to download the code and read the existing code and the test module. Write one method at a time and test it before tacking the next method.
  • All of your java files should be in a src subfolder of your project
    • If you use Eclipse it will set up this way automatically for you. If you use another IDE be sure it is set up that way.
  • You should have a package statement at the beginning of each .java file:
    • package cs242.fall_15.project2;
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