Kenton Incorporated. The payroll manager at Kenton Incorporated wants an application that allows her to enter payroll amounts for each of three stores: Store 1, Store 2, and Store 3. Use the InputBox function. The application should calculate and display each store's total payroll and the total company payroll. Display the payroll amounts with a dollar sign and two decimal places. Use the following names for the solution, project, and form: Kenton.

Happy Temps

Happy Temps has hired you as a temporary worker for 10 days. company owners you two pay options. Option 1 doubles your pay each day; however, the first day's pay is only $1. In other words, you would earn $1 the ? rst day, $2 the second day, $4 the third day, $8 the fourth day, and so on. Option 2 is to be paid $100 per day. Create an application that calculates and displays the total amount you would earn under each pay plan. Use the following names for the solution, project, and form: Happy Temps.

Principal and Interest Calculator

Principal and Interest Calculator Create an application that displays a monthly payment on a loan of $5000 for 1 year at 6% interest. The application also should display the amount applied to the loans principal each month and the amount that represents interest. Use the following names for the solution, project, and form: Principal and Interest. You can use the Financial.PPmt method to calculate the portion of the payment applied to the principal each month. The method's syntax is Financial.PPmt(Rate, Per, NPer, PV). In the syntax, Rate is the interest rate, NPer is the number of payment periods, and PV is the present value of the loan. The Per argument is the payment period for which you want to calculate the portion applied to the principal. e Per argument must be a number from 1 through NPer. The method returns the calculated value as a Double number. The text box located below the Monthly payment label has its Multiline and ReadOnly properties set to True.

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