Open the Kerry Sales Solution (Kerry Sales Solution.sln) fi le con- tained in the VB2010Chap11Kerry Sales Solution folder. If nec- essary, open the designer window. Double-click Payroll.vb in the Solution Explorer window.

  • Create a base class named Commission. Th e class should contain two Public properties: a String property named SalesId and a Double property named Sales. Include a default constructor and a parameterized constructor in the class. Also include a GetCommission method (function) that calculates a salesperson’s commission using the following formula: sales * .05.
  • Create a derived class named BonusCommission. Th e derived class’s GetCommission method should calculate the commission as follows: sales * .05 + (sales – 2500) * .01. Be sure to include a default constructor and a parameterized constructor in the derived class.
  • Open the form’s Code Editor window and locate the btnCalc con- trol’s Click event procedure. Finish coding the procedure, using the comments as a guide.
  • Save the solution and then start and test the application. Close the form’s Code Editor window and the Payroll.vb window, and then close the solution.
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