In this program we will write a small game using link list:

  • Your program should ask the user to enter one alphabet letter at a time, and each letter should be stored in a node. Choose a terminate character if the user want to stop.
  • Next, you will ask the user for an integer n as your count number.
  • The game will go like this, starting from the first letter, you program will count and eliminate e very “nth” letter. For example, if n = 3; starting from the first letter, you will count 3 letter down the line and eliminate it. Then continue, if we reach the last letter we would continue counting from the beginning.
  • Announce the last surviving letter.

Program structure:

  • Your program should utilize a link list. You need to insert a new node for each new character after the previous character (so this is not a head insert).
  • The eliminated character should be removed from your link list.
ABCDEF - starting from A.
ABDEF - count 3 to C, C is eliminated. Continue from D.
ABDE - count 3 to F, F is eliminated. Continue from A. (since A is the next letter if you imagine this is a circular pattern).
ABE - count 3 to D, D is eliminated. Continue from E.
AE - count 3 to B, B is eliminated. Continue from E.
A - count 3 to E, E is eliminated. A is the last surviving letter.
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