Purpose: This problem emphasizes the design and coding of an object-oriented application using a graphical user interface and an applet. Java graphical swing classes, event handling, and an applet class are used to design and implement a user friendly interface.


This project extends your previous work by running your application inside of a web browser and having the configuration retrieved from a text file when the applet starts. To provide further flexibility, the applet’s html file will include customizing tags. Note that all input and output by the user will continue to come only from the graphical interface developed in Project 2.


Convert your existing Java application to an applet. Create an html file to hold your work and test it by running locally on your machine. When complete, create a folder name “CIS304” in your Cal Poly Pomona web account and test your work running over the Internet. Be sure to allow me access to this folder by granting appropriate permissions (i.e., public or scurl). Be sure to clearly identify the URL of your applet for testing in the comments section when submitting your project.


Modify your applet so that the user can include customized settings via the web page using “param” tags. Include the following tags in your html page: BorrowerFile (borrowers.txt), ItemFile (items.txt), plus three other customizing features of your own choosing (e.g., your name, font, background image, etc.). Test your work by running it on your machine.

File Processing

All information pertaining to borrowers and items must be read from text files. Be sure to remove these values from the program and save them as two text files named borrowers.txt and items.txt. The file structure is left for the student to decide.

Test Data and Calculations

The same test data from Project2 continue to apply. However, the results must be obtained from your Project 3 work. Do NOT simply reuse any prior results. As before, test your program for each of the following cases, including one additional case of your own choosing. In the last column, indicate Yes or No, as to whether or not your program's output agrees with your expectations.

Academic Honesty!
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