Design and implement an abstract class called LibraryMaterial -fields: author, title, price, publication year -constructor should have 4 parameters -methods: multiple getxxxx and setxxxx ; displayInfo

Design and implement two subclasses that define various types of library materials: class Book - fields: type (hardcover/paperback/large print); edition (1st, 2nd, …); number of pages. - default constructor - non-default constructor (use super reference) - methods: get/set methods, displayInfo

class AudiovisualMaterial - fields: type (audio tape, CD, DVD), cover image (not a string that represents file name!), short sound clip (up to 10 sec., not necessarily a fragment of the material) - default constructor - non-default constructor (use super reference) - methods: get/set methods, displayInfo, displayCover, playSoundClip

Create a UML class diagram (Violet or Visio file)

Create a Librarian class that should:

  • instantiate three books using default constructor, then populate the instances;
  • instantiate and populate a CD and a DVD using non-default constructor;
  • insert a set of music on cassette into your structure at the third position;
  • display all the information about all the accumulated library materials.

Create javadoc

General directions

  • Use a polymorphic approach.
  • Use enhanced for loop for traversing.
  • Create a user-friendly, appealing user interface.
  • When designing the algorithm and choosing data structures, be sure to make it convenient for adding the materials.
  • You can “hardcode” the data using the following entries found on
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