This assignment should help you understand the linked list data structure, its implementations and applications. You will learn how a linked list data structure is constructed, the links that connect members, and how to operate on data organized in a linked list, including access, search, addition and deletion.

You are to design a new "String" class which holds a character string as a linked list of characters. Each node in the linked list has a single character as its data. The class must include the following methods in addition to those you think may also be needed in this program:

  • 2 constructors: a default which builds a string from a text file or keyboard; the other takes in a string through a parameter
  • 2 search methods: one starts search for a key (also a "string") from left end of a string; the other starts search from any point (passed in as a parameter) of a string
  • charAt: accesses a character in a string
  • 2 substring methods: one uses one parameter as the start point; the other specifies start and end points
  • insert: allows a string to be inserted to any point of an original string
  • toString

You will then design a "Number" class which can hold a number of any length using the new String class. Numbers of any length can be entered, added and subtracted and output using the class. Design a MainClass to test all the required operations in both classes.

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