The problem scenario

You are asked to develop a database for a local driving school. It is to store information about its clients, instructors, cars and bookings for driving lessons.

Each client has a unique ID, name, gender, date of birth, address, contact phone number, and a provisional driving license number. A client may book individual lessons with a particular instructor. Each lesson lasts for an hour. A client may change to a different instructor at any stage.

A client may apply for a driving test at the nearest test centre. Each centre has a unique ID, name, address and contact phone number. A client may make one or more attempts to pass the test. For each test, the instructor should be available to drop off and pick up the client before and after the test at the centre. If a client fails a test, the instructor must record the reasons for failure.

An instructor has a unique ID, name, gender, contact phone number, address and a valid driving license number.

Each car has a numeric identifier, a registration number and model. A car is allocated to a specific instructor by the school.


1. Design a conceptual data model for the given scenario.

a) Construct an ER diagram in UML.

The diagram should show all entities, attributes of each entity, and relationships between the entities with appropriate multiplicity constraints.

b) State any assumptions necessary to support your design.

2. Produce a logical data model for a relational database.

a) Map your conceptual data model (Task 1) to a set of relational schema, indicating clearly the primary keys and any foreign keys introduced.

b) For each foreign key, specify whether a null value would be allowed. Justify your choice.

c) State any other required constraints for your logical data model.

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