Introduction: Loops

Looping and arrays work hand-in-hand in programs. Typically, to build an array, you will utilize some form of looping. In this discussion, we will work together to explore the uses for looping and how we will use it when writing a program.

Initial Post Instructions

Define looping and looping structure. What is another term for looping? What are some examples of instances when looping is used? Try to come up with two or three examples on how you would use looping in a program. Think about the video games you play. Identify where you recognize looping being utilized.

Secondary Post Instructions

When responding to classmates, state whether you agree or disagree and then explain your reasons. If you have additional details to add, please do so.

Introduction: Debugging

Debugging programs is a developers most important task and arguably one that bring the most fulfillment. Learning the techniques to successfully debug a program is essential.

Initial Post Instructions

For this discussion, address the following:

  • Define debugging and breakpoints.
  • Under what circumstances is the use of breakpoints particularly helpful?
  • Define what deploying an application means.
  • Is debugging a program prior to deploying the program important? If so, why? If not, why?

Secondary Post Instructions

When responding to your classmates, comment on their post and give some examples of programs that have been deployed (or released to the public) without being properly debugged.

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