Scope of the Report

The following list of matters to be covered in the project preliminary report will be used to guide its assessment. Please note the adjectives.

  • A detailed statement of the problem.
  • Clearly defined objectives of the project proposal.
  • A detailed exposition of the background to the project (including the relevant theory and a description and evaluation of the tools you expect to utilise).
  • Your preliminary ideas on how to tackle the problem.
  • A systematic plan / work schedule which should cover the period of the project.
  • A detailed estimate of any costs involved in the project.
  • Whatever else you agree with your supervisor to include.
Academic Honesty!
It is not our intention to break the school's academic policy. Projects posted are only used as a reference and should not be submitted as is. We are not held liable for any misuse of the solutions. Please see the frequently asked questions page for further questions and inquiries.
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