Complete the following programming exercise (WRITE AN MDI PROJECT THAT IS A SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR). You will use the IsMdiContainer and MdiWindowListItem properties; the LayoutMdi method. Refer back to the previous required assignment (SIMPLE TEXT EDITOR WITH ONE LARGE RICH TEXT BOX) as a base for this assignment.

Write an MDI application that is a simple text editor. Allow the user to open multiple documents, each in a separate child form. For the text editor, use one big TextBox control with its Multiline property set to true or a RichTextBox control. Set the control's Anchor property to all four edges so the control fills its form.

The main form should have an Open menu item to open previously saved files; the child forms should have a Save menu item to save their text to a file. Use the file handling that you learned and display the name of the file in the form's title bar.

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