Write a C++ program that will implement first-fit, best-fit, next-fit and worst-fit memory management algorithms. Your program must do the following:

1. Input the memory size and the number and sizes of all the partitions (Limit the max number of the partitions to 5);

2. For each partition you may create a descriptor with at least the following information:

  • Partition size
  • Partition number
  • Partition status (Free/busy)
  • Size of unused space (Hole)
  • Job name (Three characters. E.g J01 or J15)

3. Input the job list that includes:

  • Jobs name
  • Jobs size

4. For each job you should create in your program a job descriptor that will include the job status (run/wait) and the partition number (If the job was allocated);

5. For each algorithm calculate initial memory allocation. Display the memory waste and the jobs that could not be allocated and have to wait.

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