Aim of the Exercise

This exercise is designed to evaluate your ability across all the techniques you have learned this year, and represents the final piece of practical work for your programming course. The work takes the form of a mini-project. There are a selection of topics on offer, and each of them is described in detail below. You are free to choose which project you want to complete, but you should choose only one. You do not need to complete all the projects!

There are four projects to choose between this year. Whilst all of them need the skills you have learned this year, they also intentionally require you to learn one or two new Java features too. You will also find each of the projects focus on difference aspects of the course. The following table lists the projects on offer, and indicates the technical focus of each. The following pages provide a detailed description of each task: See image.

Whichever project you choose, your practical sessions will be dedicated to supporting your work, so do remember to engage fully with them and use the teaching assistants to advise on your work. Remember they can also help you plan and design your project – even before you start programming...

Project X: Your own idea...

Introduction It is possible to define your own project this term. HOWEVER, this must be within scope of the course - trivial exercises will not be accepted or marked. Look at the project suggestions defined previously to get an idea of the complexity and rigour we are looking for. If you have a project idea, see how it measures up against the table on the front page - if it does not contain sufficient content, it would be a bad choice of project.

Academic Honesty!
It is not our intention to break the school's academic policy. Projects posted are only used as a reference and should not be submitted as is. We are not held liable for any misuse of the solutions. Please see the frequently asked questions page for further questions and inquiries.
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