Starting with a new Project.

Write a programme using the ‘C’ programming language that will accept integer numerical inputs. Each input should be processed as follows:

  • If the value is not -8989, it should perform a series of modulus divisions using 2, 3 & 7 as the divisors
  • For each divisor, it will then store then number of times the result is zero and the number of times it is not zero.
  • If the value -8989 is input the programme will cease the modulus division operations and output the stored statistics in a neat, well-formatted tabular arrangement before terminating.

Your code should be well laid out, include appropriate and meaningful comments. It will not be necessary to use functions.

Write a ‘C’ programme that generates 100 random values and stores them in a suitably declared array.

Your code should then determine and output:

  • The average value
  • The maximum value
  • The minimum value

Your code should also contain a suitable declared array that is suitable to hold the square root values of each of the random values held within the first array.

Your code should then:

  • Calculate the square root of each of the values in the first array and store them in the corresponding location within the second array.
  • Calculate and output the average value, the maximum value and the minimum value.
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