Write a program that defines and then uses a class called MP3TrackClass that expands on the record you used to implement Assignment 7 (Program 5, Chapter 11). The member data consists of the track name and the artist name at a minimum. The MP3TrackClass class should have member functions that:

  • Print the track data using characters.
  • Return the track name given the Artist name.
  • Return the Artist name given the track name.
  • Set the Artist name.
  • Set the track name.
  • Compare this Artist name with another Artist name for greater, less than, or equal.

Also, define and use a class called MP3TrackList, that defines an array of type MP3TrackClass and has member functions that:

  • Add a track to the array.
  • Sort the tracks in the array by Artist.
  • Delete a track of the array.
  • Return the index of the array element that matches an Artist name.
  • Return the index of the array element that matches a track name.
  • Read in the track array from a file.
  • Write out the track array to a file.

The main program should input the data from a file to fill the array. You may make the file any way you want, but it will be easier if the artist and track names are on separate lines.

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