Programming Problems:

This assignment focuses on the use of class in C++.

Design, implement, and test a class that represents a song on a CD or in an MP3 library.

Create a class that holds information about songs. The CatalogMusic class should have

1.A struct for information about individual songs that contain the following items:

  • Title
  • Album
  • Artist
  • Playing time in seconds
  • Music category
  • Storage (CD or in an MP3 library)

2.The struct defined above (#1) should be declared as an array.

3.The is a Constructor in the class. [There is no need to include a Destructor. Additionally, there is no need for including mutator/setter methods or getter/assessor methods since the variables are assigned values to identifiers that are within the class.

4.A method that displays on the console screen the appropriate text to collect all the information to populate the array struct declared above.

5.A method that displays a menu that allows the user to select:

  • Display the information about a specific artist
  • Display the information about a specific music category
  • Display the information about a specific type of storage
  • Display the information about a tile that last at least a specific number of seconds

[Each display includes a generic tile explaining the screen centered, a blank line, the column headers, a blank line, the specific information, a prompt that keeps the information on the screen until any key is pressed then a return to the menu. When the information is displayed, there must be both the number of minutes and seconds of the song. There should be a selection to end this display and return to the menu in #5.]

6.A set of methods that displays the results of the various selections listed in the menu of Item 5.

The main () of the program should be considered a driver, that is, is contains the minimum code to execute the program. Among the elements in the main ():

  • Declaring an identifier for the class
  • A while loop to allow the program to continue until the user ends the program
  • Calls to the interactive method in the class (see #4 above)
  • Calls to the selection menu method in the class (see #5 above)
  • End the program
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