You have been hired by a small unit research team from a University. The project manager wants you to use Java programming to produce a very light simulation of Music Player software called SMP (Simple Music Player) which simulate some of the real world systems such as Real Player or Window Media Player (figure 1). See image.

In the initial of requirement analysis stage, you had examined and performed some literature research on existing similar systems. You had identified some of the indispensable features and produced a draft Use Case diagram as shown in figure 2. See image.

Use Case 1- Show PlayList

The user is able to display all the PlayList details and performs some necessary function

  • User able to display all the track details.
  • User able to display a single track details such as rating, play count and length when a particular valid track no was entered.
  • If the track number is invalid, an error message is displayed instead. See image.

Use Case 2- Create PlayList

The user is able to perform:

  • Create a new PlayList Name.
  • Enter a track number and click a button to add that track to a playlist. If the track number is valid, the track name should be added to the list and all the names in the list should be displayed in a text area, otherwise a suitable error message should be displayed.
  • Click a button to play the playlist – since this is just a simulation no music will be played, but each track on the playlist should have its play count value incremented by 1.
  • Click a button to reset the playlist and clear the text area. See image.

Use Case 3- Manage PlayList

The user is able to perform:

  • Enter a track number and a new rating. If the track number is valid, a message showing the track name, the new rating and the play count should be displayed, otherwise a suitable error message should be displayed. See image.

Use Case 4- Sort Play List

The user is able to sort the entire play list.

  • Sort the play list according to the play count or rating. See image.

Miscellaneous Implementation

  • You are also required to produce a main interface to integrate all the features of this simulation prototype. See image.
  • The Playlist data should be persisted and stored it in the local file system. The existing data will be loaded to the program again for the future application.
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