Create an application that displays your name and address when a button is clicked. The application's form should appear as shown in figure 2-83 when it first runsm Once the Show Info button is clicked, the form should appear similar to the one shown in Figure 2-84. see image.

Here are the detailed property specifications:

a. The button that displays the name and address should be named btnShowInfo. Its text should read Show Info.

b. The button that closes the application should be named btnExit. Its text should read Exit.

c. The form should have three Label controls. The first will hold your name, the second will hold your street address, and the third will hold your city, state, and ZIP code. The labels should be named lblName, lblStreet, and lblCityStateZip, respectively. The labels' Font property should be set to Times New Roman, bold, 12 point. The labels' TextAlign property should be set to MiddleCenter.

d. The form's title bar should read Name and Address.

In addition to the requirements listed in the textbook, please add or modify with the following:

1. The project should be named PC2

2. When saving the project, uncheck the Create directory for solution checkbox

3. The form should be renamed from Form1 to frmNameAddress

4. Make each label the same length and height

5. The label which will contain your name should have the BorderStyle property set to Fixed3D

6. Make the Show Info button left edge align with the left edge of all three labels

7. Make the Exit button right edge align with the right edge of all three labels

8. In the code add the following comment lines above the Public Class frmNameAddress line (Declaration section). Replace the < > with the appropriate information.

'Project: PC2
'Programmer: < Your Name>
'Date: < Date Completed>
'Description: Displays your name and address when a button is clicked

9. For the data that should display in the Street and CityStateZip labels use the following: see image.

10. Once you are done with the final design of the form layout then lock all the controls.

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