"Napier Couriers" visit customers to pickup and deliver parcels around Edinburgh. They need to maintain a list of all the visits that they make. Each visit has a customer name, customer address and arrival time. Pickups also have a delivery name and a delivery address.

  • Create a class diagram showing your design. You do not need to include GUI classes (forms) at this stage.
  • Implement the classes identified in your diagram using C#
  • Add a GUI (using windows forms) to allow the following
    • Viewing a summary list of all pickups/deliveries
    • View a list of only pickups
    • View a list of only deliveries
    • Add a new pickup
    • Add a new delivery
    • Edit an existing pickup
    • Edit an existing delivery
    • Delete a pickup
    • Delete a delivery
  • Update your class diagram to show the classes added to implement the GUI

optional : Persistence: Store the visits in a database or file so that they are loaded when the system starts.

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