You have been hired as an intern in a software development company and your supervisor asks you to write a small part of an application for NeatMotels, a Motels chain company recently established and looking to expand its presence in the tristate area.

Your boss asks you to create a couple of structs to hold information regarding the business transactions generated by the renting of the rooms.

He provides you with the following information regarding the rooms:

Room Number
Beds Count
Bed Size
Allowed To Smoke
Maximum Occupancy

The program will need to keep track of the person renting a room by collecting the following information:

First Name
Last Name
Date of Birth
Checked In Date
Checked Out Date
Guest Count
Price Paid

Your program should also have a struct to handle the dates. Do not forget to create it!

You just learned from your boss that every motel building has three floors therefore, rooms in the range 100199 are on the first floor, 200299 are on the second floor, etc.

Your boss also provides you with the following renting rates:

Hourly Rate .... $65 the first 3 hours. $15 every additional hour thereafter.
Daily Rate .... $115 plus $20 per additional adult. Rooms are based on double occupancy.
Tax Rate ... 5.25%

Write an application to test your program. The program should allow the front desk associate to select from a menu like the one below.

1. Check­in
2. Check­out
3. Report
4. Exit

Test your application using three rooms, one for each floor. Your report should look something like:

Summary Report
Room Revenue
XXX $xxx.xx
XXX $xxx.xx
XXX $xxx.xx
­­­­­ ­­­­­­­
Total $xxx.xx
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