Case Project 5-3

You must install 125 computers for a new business that wants to run TCP/IP and have access to the Internet. The ISP in town will assign you only four public IP addresses, so you decide to assign the computers addresses in the range through What else must you do to allow these computers to access the Internet?

Case Project 6-1

The OSI model is a useful tool in troubleshooting a network because it enables you to isolate a problem to a particular software module or piece of hardware. In this project, after reading the description of a problem, identify the OSI model layer or layers that are most likely involved.

  • A computer won’t connect to the network. After some investigation, you find that the patch cable isn’t terminated correctly.
  • A computer can access resources on the local LAN but not on a different subnet. You find that the computer’s default gateway isn’t configured correctly.
  • You can ping a computer you’re trying to transfer files to via FTP, but you can’t communicate by using FTP.
  • All computers connected to a particular hub have lost network connectivity You determine that the hub is the problem.
  • You receive an encrypted text file, but when you open it, the text is unreadable. You determine that decryption didn’t take place as it should have.
  • You check some statistics generated by a network-monitoring program and discover that an abnormally high number of CRC errors were detected.
  • One of your servers has been exhibiting sluggish network performance. You use a network-monitoring program to try to evaluate the problem. You find considerable TCP retries occurring because the server is being overwhelmed by data, and packets are being discarded.
  • A user is trying to connect to another computer, but the logon attempt is continually rejected.
  • You try to access a Linux server to share files by using NFS. You can communicate with the server, but the shared files don’t appear to be available.
  • You inspect a computer that isn’t able to communicate with other computers.
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