Your Task

For this assignment you will use the list module you made for your lab assignment to build a stack module. You must write a program (a main) to thoroughly test your stack. You must write a second program that uses your stack to create nonrecursive maze solving program. The maze solving program must read a maze from a file and then print out the maze with the correct path traced through the maze.

You will be asked to hand in your code, your testing files, and your report of your test results. This mini lesson will help you learn to write testing programs for your software.

Checklist (todo list)

  • Set up your folder structure (you can download the assignment starter zip file if you like).
  • Your assignment must be in a folder that is named as follows:
    • the folder name must be LastnameFirstnameA1 (substituting in your last name and first name of course). NO SPACES!
    • inside the folder you must have a src subfolder, a bin subfolder, an include subfolder and a docs subfolder
    • src contains your source .c files
    • include contains your header files (.h files)
    • bin is where your executables should be compiled to
    • docs is where you put your report about your testing
  • Write the makefile (or modify one of the sample makefiles) so that you can compile both the testing program and the maze solving program
  • Write the stack module first and its testing program. Make sure the stack is working and is well tested
  • You will need to read the maze from a file, so start by writing the part of the program that reads the file
  • Research maze solving algorithms on the internet. Be sure to cite any sources you use in helping to write your own. Remember that your solution cannot use recursion and must use your stack.
  • Create a simple maze text file and write your algorithm. When you can solve a simple one, write a harder maze and find tune your algorithm.


You must meet the must requirements to get a mark greater than zero. If you do not meet the musts, your assignment will be given a grade of zero.

  • Your solution must compile with ansi Wall with no errors or warnings
  • Your stack testing program and your maze solving program must run without crashing on the linux computers used for grading.
  • Your stack testing program must output information to the screen about which operations it is testing, and what the results are. It should not have a menu of choices, it should just run.
  • Your maze solving program must take the filename for the maze as an argv command line parameter.
  • Your submission must have a README.txt file that describes how to compile run your maze solver as well as the stack testing program. The readme file must contain your name and student number
  • Your solution must make use of a linked list module and a stack module.The Stack module can (and should) use the List module.
  • You must use a makefile for compiling the program (you do not have to write the makefile from scratch, you can use one of the samples provided by the instructor and change filenames).


If you complete all of the Shoulds and all of the Musts, it is possible for your program to receive full marks.

  • Your maze solving program should output the solved maze to the screen.
  • Your linked list code and your stack code should provide all the necessary operations for those two ADTs.
  • The two ADTs should be in separate .c files with separate .h files
  • All code should be properly documented and should show good adherence to the course coding conventions.
  • You should hand in a written discussion of the testing you did for both the Stack module and a description of how you tested the maze solver. Please either hand in a plain text file or a pdf for this requirement.
  • You should have your solution neatly organized into the folder structure discussed in the section on coding conventions for the class. (src/ bin/ include/ docs/)

Input File Format

The input file will be a text file containing the maze. Starting position will be marked with an S. Ending position will be marked with an F. An example is shown below.

Mazes will be no larger than 100x100 characters and may be as small as 10x10. You can generate practise mazes on your own.

Academic Honesty!
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