• What are the ten capabilities that any NOS should have?
  • When acquiring a server, what questions should be asked to determine what hardware is needed?
  • Describe the client/server communication that takes place when a user logs on to the network?
  • What is a 3-tier network architecture and what would a client need in order to be able to use this architecture?
  • Name and describe the ways to get licensing for the people using applications on a network.
  • All NOS should provide an interface for managing printers. List the tasks that can be done to manage printers via the interface.
  • Name and describe the means available to NOS to maximize use of a server's memory.
  • Describe the memory model of the standard edition of Windows Server 2008.
  • What's a trust relationship and name and describe the two types of trust relationships.
  • Distinguish between the two general types of UNIX.
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