You are required to design and develop a program to simulate a One Arm Bandit Machine, called the Electronic Bandit.

Upon insertion of a £1 coin the Electronic Bandit will allow the player to have five goes. With each go, the Electronic Bandit will randomly display three shapes, one shape per column. For each column one shape is chosen randomly out of 8. Here are the basic rules:

3 shapes of the same type win £1
2 shapes of the same type win 50p
one particular shape, say a banana win 20p

The player should not be able to play if no money is inserted.
The credit is decremented and displayed as you play.
The winnings are also displayed and updated as you play
The player should be allowed to choose either to cash in any wins or
be credited and play again.

You can choose to enhance the program in the area of user-interface and/or functionality. Marks will be awarded dependent on the quality and creativity of the enhancement.

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