Goal of the Project

This project is about developing a website that will let a supermarket cashier to make a purchase receipt.

Project Description

You are required to develop a complete system that will allow a supermarket cashier to a purchase receipt of a customer.

For this project we assume that we have a database of supermarket items. Each item has following information:

  • Item code: Unique identifier. Assume every code is exactly seven digits.
  • Item unit price: Unit price of item
  • Discounted or not: A check box in the control panel to mark if item is on sale. Note: Discount rate is 10% for any item on discount.

In reality a cashier enters item code through bar code reader. But for this project item code will be entered through keyboard. The cashier also enters the unit of item(s) purchased in the appropriate box on the screen. The system will get the unit price from the database and will calculate the amount to be paid. The cashier can keep on entering item code until he presses enter key in the item code box. Your system will generate a complete list of purchased item(s) with their unit price, total price and grand total at the end. In case an item is at discount rate, a * will be printed next to it. At the start of the system a cashier must enter his user id and password to access/use the system.

Your system should use:

  • CSS to format the website.
  • Appropriate headings
  • Background colors
  • Tables
  • Form with textbox, checkbox, dropdown list etc.
  • Database to store and retrieve information to populate web pages.
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