Introduction: Problem Solving

The IDEAL problem solving strategy was developed during the 1960s and 70s and is based on the idea that, if you learn the strategy, you can apply it to any problem situation on any topic. It is useful in solving challenges faced in daily life, or technology-related problems.

There are 5 steps that represent the acronym IDEAL:

  • Identify the problem Write the problem in your own words
  • Define the problem by sorting through the relevant information List all plans considered
  • Explore the possible options through brainstorming Which strategy is used and why Estimate and predict a reasonable solution
  • Action the strategy selected Apply the solution
  • Look back and evaluate the results of your actions Does the solution make sense, is it reasonable? Reflect on experience

Initial Post Instructions

For this discussion, describe a frustrating technology-related problem which you recently encountered. Solve it again using the strategies from the IDEAL problem solving method. Be sure to list each step in the IDEAL method with detail to respond to each step like this:

  • Problem identification:
  • Problem definition:
  • Solution options:
  • Solution application:
  • Solution evaluation:

In hindsight, what learning occurred in this specific situation that you can apply to a future situation?

Secondary Post Instructions

For your secondary postings, respond to your classmates by inquiring about their experience and how they arrived at their solution. Do you agree with the solution, or is there a better resolution listed in the strategies they listed in Step 3?

Introduction: Object-Oriented Design (OOD)

To practice the OOD concept, take a moment to design in your mind your dream car of the future. What name would you give it? What color is it? What kind of roof does it have? How fast does it go? Can it fly? How does it navigate? Does it interact with other cars? Does it recognize you? Guess what! You just created an abstract object by thinking in an OOD style!

You are solving a transportation need by designing a solution with an object that has properties.

Initial Post Instructions

For this discussion, identify your car by listing the objects (features like sun roof, wings), properties (characteristics like color, size), methods (actions such as opening doors) and events (press the brake the car stops).


Objects: wings, sun roof…
Properties: orange, 19ft. long, oblong…
Methods: doors fold down when opening, windshield opens…
Events: press gas to go, press brake to stop…

Secondary Post Instructions

Respond to your classmates postings by adding to their scenario or questioning the logic behind the design of the vehicle.

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