The following parts to this question look at differences between related terms and should all be illustrated with supporting examples:

  • Explain the difference between an object and a class
  • Explain the difference between an attribute and an operation
  • Explain the difference between aggregation and composition
  • Explain the difference between inheritance and generalization

What is the purpose of use case modelling and at what stage in the systems development process will use case modelling take place?

What is a conceptual data model? At which stage in the system development process does conceptual data modelling occur?

What are the steps that make up the process of conceptual data modelling?

Explain with supporting examples the purpose and use of the following UML diagrams:

  • The Activity diagram
  • The Sequence diagram
  • The Class diagram

When deciding how to implement a new system there are several approaches which can be employed, one of which is to purchase an ‘off-the shelf’ system.

  • When purchasing a software package from an outside source, it is important to obtain as much valid information about the product as possible. What are some ways that an analyst may accomplish this task?
  • List and describe the main criteria for selecting off-the-shelf software from external vendors. How are these criteria to be ranked in terms of importance level?

While you were attending a planning meeting with several of your colleagues, a new member of staff said, “Why on earth do you spend so much time on requirements analysis? Users never know what they want, you should do what we did in my last company and just get on with the development as you see fit”. Your boss was horrified and asked you to construct a formal response to this colleague setting out why time is spent on this stage and what is generally undertaken and achieved at this stage. Construct the response.

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