Create a C program that tests whether two sequences of positive numbers are order equivalent.

Two sequences a and b are order equivalent if they have the same number of elements and they both contain less than two numbers or if for all i, j, 1 <= i, j <= n, where n is the length of a sequence a[i] <= a[j] if and only if b[i] <= b[j].

Examples of order equivalent sequences:

7 5 9 13 12 and 4 2 25 33 26
12 and 8

The program must accept the two sequences with no separator between the two. If the number of numbers accepted is n, the first n/2 numbers are assumed to be in the first sequence and the rest form the second sequence. The program must then check that for order equivalence and must print the result. You can assume that the maximum size of the two sequences is 100. You can also use 0 or any negative number to mark the end of the sequence.

Please remember to organize the code as below:

  • Have two functions besides main:
    • one that accepts the two sequences and
    • the other that checks for order equivalence and returns an integer depending on the test
  • The main function prints the message for the user.
  • You cannot use any global variables.
  • Look at the sample program int_array.c (posted at the D2L site) to see how to perform read/write operations on arrays.
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