The medical unit treats a large number of patients who have illnesses and injuries sustained while working. Each patient recorded may be suffering from one or more conditions, and each condition may have one or more treatments to treat it. Each treatment is given by a Therapist, who is either a Nurse, a Physiotherapist. For the treatments there are either drugs given by the Nurse, or Physiotherapies given by a Physio. Each patient has a name, an NHS number and a Date of Birth. Therapists have names, professional body registration names and ID numbers and dates of first registration. Physiotherapists may have a specialism such as sport, lower limb rehabilitation or hand rehab. Only physiotherapists may give physiotherapy and only Nurses can give drugs. Some drugs require a license to give. While nurses may have one or more licenses to give certain drugs, such as Chemotherapy or Travel Inoculations. A condition will have a date of first diagnosis and the name of the doctor making the diagnosis. A treatment will have a start date and a frequency given as a number of times a day/week/month or year. Drug treatments have name of the drug and quantity to be given in mg.


A test system is required before the main system is developed. This is to have the following patients in it. More patients should be able to be added:

Dave 123 123 4566 12/11/67
Michael 123 234 2133 25/12/78
Phil 323 232 1231 01/04/59
Richard 676 672 6320 31/10/65

There are only three therapists required:

Name Body ID Registration Date Other info
Ringo Nursing and Midwiferey Council 121231313 30/9/88 Licenses for Travel Inoculations and Leeches
Paul Nursing and Midwiferey Council 121231314 30/9/88
John Health Professionals Council PH78343 05/06/98 Specialism in arm injuries

The solution will allow the addition of new conditions and treatments to patients. You should also be able to scroll through all the patients and see all their conditions and treatments and who is administering them.

I will be testing the system with Patient, ‘Dave’ with the condition of ‘Arm amputation in windmill accident’, with 3 treatments: the unlicensed drug, ‘apirin’ (50mg once a day) from Paul, the licensed drug ‘Leeches’ from Ringo (1000mg twice a day) and Physiotherapy (once a week) from John. Further tests will be conducted.

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