Modify the program you created for Project 1 as follows:

1. Use a database instead of a file to hold the data (I have attached an MS Access database that you can use). The relationship window is shown below: See image.

a. fldEmployeeId is automatically generated.

b. fldEmployeeSalary, fldSalesSales, and fldSalesPay are currency

c. fldSalesMonth and fldMonthNumber are short integers between 1 and 12 (you can also figure out the month if it is in a combobox by adding 1 to the selectedIndex property).

d. All other fields are strings.

e. The database has 3 employees, 2 sales reps (Adam Ant, Tom Thumb) and one boss (The Boss) already included.

2. The high cost checkbox and rules relating to it are eliminated.

3. You need a form that looks something like this: See image.

4. The form should show the different employees and their pay for various months.

5. The summary button displays the following form: See image.

6. Do as much of this as you can. Start with the ability to display the various employees, then add new employees, then develop the summary form.

7. Use the Visual Studio help to see how the various database related components work.

8. On the bindingNavigator (the object at the top of the main form), I have added a save button, I am also including the bitmap for that button in the project. (If you wish you can use regular buttons instead of the bindingNavigator tool, but then you need to handle the record change code yourself).

9. The following is the PayCalcDataSet designer view for the main form. Note that I have created multiple additional queries. See image.

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