Do the following in PHP:

  • create a page having a textfield and submit button. When you enter for example 1975 (year). It sends you to next page with few cars as a dropdown list. Use array in php to make this happen: (And a function to split the values based on comma) array ("1975" => "BMW, Ford, Dodge");
  • create the same page like example1 but read from a file this time.
  • Create a page with a textfield and submit button. When you enter your name, it goes to next page and says Hello (name you entered) Put this name in a cookie. Close your browser and open it pointing to same page having textfield. If cookie is set and not expired, it says Hello name otherwise show you the page to enter name again.
  • Create a page having textfields username and password and submit button. When you enter and submit it goes to another page with a link. (Put username and password in a cookie). When you click on the link it goes to another page which that page shows you the cookie info (username and password). Hint: Use javascript when you click on the link gets triggered and find a function in javascript that gives you all cookies in that browser.

Do the following with Java Script:

  • Create a webpage having a paragraph. When you move mouse on it and press button it makes the text red and when you release button shows it in green.
  • Create a webpage with a text field. Whatever you type in text field, when you remove the focus from it (like using tab), lower cases gets converted to upper cases and upper cases gets converted to lower cases.
  • Create a web page having an image and having four buttons, left, right, up, down When you click on any button, it starts moving the image in that direction.
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