• PURPOSE: This project provides practice in the following programming skills:
    • Using “pseudo-code” to plan the logic of a programming task
    • Using if - elseif - else conditionals
    • Using comparison and logical operators (This exercise is intended as a fun means of learning the above skills.)
  • Create a number game where the computer generates a random number between 1 and 100, and the player tries to guess the number.
  • Make a form for the player to input his or her guess:
    • Guess My Number: Submit button
  • Tell the player whether he or she guessed high or low, and display a form that allows the player to submit another guess:
    • You guessed high (low) Guess again: Submit button
  • When the player guesses the correct number,
    • Tell him or her that the guess was correct
    • Tell what the number was
    • Provide a text link that will enable the player to play again. Example: Correct! The number was 44. Click here to play again.
    • Do not display the form again after the game is over
  • Display an error message if any of the following occur:
    • Non-numeric data is entered in the form
    • The form is submitted empty
  • Make sure your assignment validates as XTHML strict
  • Make sure the CSS on your assignment validates Test all possible inputs to be sure they work Here is a working example:
    • http://tinyurl.com/bp5nqvu

Add CSS styling to your game pages to make them attractive (don’t just add colors!)

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