You have been hired by Service Plans USA to maintain their client records. They are responsible for Appliance plans and HVAC units their customers.

Every Account has a customer (name, phone – 10 digits, street address and zip – 5 digits) and an account number (automatically generated beginning at 100.) When an account is opened, it is either an Appliance account or an HVAC account.

If it is an appliance account, there can be multiple appliances registered (each with type – refrigerator, stove, microwave or dishwasher; model number – 7 characters all digits or letters; replacement cost – between $400 and $8000).

If it is an HVAC unit, there is only one and all that is needed is a vendor name. Your application should provide the user with the following menu options:

  • If appliance customer, register up to 10 appliances (do not allow for duplicate model numbers)
    • If appliance customer, register up to 10 appliances (do not allow for duplicate model numbers). If customer already exists (same phone number), add appliance to existing list of appliances
    • If HVAC customer, register one unit. If customer already exists (same phone number), do not add account .
  • List all current customers
  • Number of HVAC units registered
  • Total replacement costs of all appliances registered
  • Quit
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