1. What is a data type? Define the following data types and give one example per type.

  • integer
  • real
  • character
  • Boolean

2. Given Boolean variables one, two, and three, write an equation for each of the following questions.

  • Is one greater than both two and three?
  • Is one greater than two, but less than three?
  • Are all three variables greater than zero?
  • Is one less than two or one less than three?
  • Is two greater than one and three less than two?

Example: (5 > 3) & (5 < 9)

3. Describe the process of compiling and running a C++ and Java programs.

4. How do the .WORD and .BLOCK assembler directives in the Pep/8 assembly language differ from the declarations in high-level languages?

5. age, weight, and height are three integer variables and a read statement says to input them in that order. Given the following input stream (commas are separators) 03, 118, 80 what is stored in?

  • age?
  • weight?
  • height?

Do the values stored in the variables seem reasonable? If not, how would you correct the problem?

6. Object-oriented strategy:

  • List the four stage strategy for developing an object-oriented decomposition
  • Outline the characteristics of each stage
  • Are the stages independent? Explain!

7. Compare and contrast an assembler, a compiler, and an interpreter.

8. Match the question with the appropriate translation or execution system

A. Interpreter
B. Assembler
C. Compiler
D. Machine code
  • What translates a high-level language into machine code?
  • What translates a Java program into Bytecode?
  • What executes Bytecode?
  • What executes the Java Virtual Machine?
  • What translates an assembly language program?
  • What is the output of an assembler?

9.The obvious way to place an item into unsorted list is different in an array-based and a linked implementation. Explain!

10. Which of the following languages is more suitable for solving what kind of specific problems?

  • C
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
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