write a program to create Personnel Management System for a company. The program will create a file to create table structure, add personnel information to the file, and search the information based on search term.

Program Overview

This purpose of this program is to make simple personnel management system for a company. To store employee’s information, the program allows creating a file and saving employee’s information in it with table structure. The program will allow searching employee’s information when the company wants information for a specific person. When the program is executed, it will ask you first to enter a file name. If the file is already existed, then the program will ask you whether you want to add info. or search info.. If the file is not existed, then the program will create automatically the file you request and ask you whether you want to add info. to the file or not. Once the company wants to find information from saved data, the program will ask the words to be searched. Program will display whole information regarding the search term. For example, the user enters “Tech” as a searching word, then the program finds matching words in the file. Once the program found words matched, it will display whole information related to the term “Tech” such as who is in Tech Support department, what project he is doing now, the annual salary of him/her, date joined in the company. The program will display information with nicely designed format.

File Format

File Format Full Name
Date Joined
Project Involved
Annual Salary

Andrew C. Jung
Tech. Support
Network Construct

Michael Jackson
Software Dev.
Java Swing

Mariah Carey
Whole Sale Comm.

Program Minimum Requirement:

  • Following functions should be defined minimally.
    • File creation
    • Data Add
    • Data Search
  • Each member should develop at least one function.

Report Requirement:

  • Followings should be included in the reports
    • Cover page
    • Overview of the project
    • Flowchart
    • Conclusion
    • Appendix – actual codes
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