Write a java application using the skills you have acquired in this class that uses good object-oriented design that can be used as a point-of-sale (POS) system for a local diner. The system shall,

Use good OOP and inheritance to represent the various items the store sells, information that appears on the receipt (including the receipt itself), and the system proper

  • The diner sells
    • Fries (S, M, L, XL, GARGANTUAN) (0.99, 1.49, 1.79, 1.99, 2.99)
    • Hamburgers (Single-Patty, Double-Patty) (1.49, 1.99)
    • Cheeseburgers (Single-Patty, Double-Patty) (1.69, 2.19)
    • Soda (Regular, XL, GARGANTUAN) (1.49, 1.69, 1.99)
  • Receipt information should include
    • Itemized list of items with prices on the order
    • A header with the name of the diner; make one up
    • Sales tax
    • Total price
    • Amount tendered
    • Change

Display a console-driven menu that allows for the ease of ordering by the wait-staff and management that demonstrates good exception-handling as greasy fingers are bound to make mistakes in entry

Display a running list of items on the current order and allow these items to be voided at any time if entered in error

Allow the processing of the order (display total, input amount tendered, display change to return to customer) -- upon an order processing transation, simulate the printing of a receipt within the console and then return to the main menu

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