You just started a new position as a developer at XYZ Inc. You have asked to work on the development of an application that will allow employees to monitor their 401Ks performance.

Your boss provides you with a file data.txt containing dummy to test your application. The data file has the following information: [Employee Id] [First Name] [Last Name] [Stock ID] [Purchased Date] [Shares Bought] [Share Price] [Market Price].

[Employee Id] // The employee’s Id
[First Name] //Employee’s first name
[Last Name] //Employee’s last name
[Stock ID] // Stock symbol
[Purchased Date] // Date purchased. Space separated [MM] [DD] [YYYY]
[Shares Bought] // how many shares were bought
[Share Price] // how much as paid for each share
[Market Price] // price per share as of the last time you checked.

Create a class called Employee, then create two more classes that inherit from Employee, ExecutiveEmployee and RegularEmployee. The difference between the two for testing purposes is that ExecutiveEmployees are the only ones with 401K. The regular employees have a pension plan through their Teamster Local Union. Since the company has to manage the Executives retirement plan we will focus on them. However, you still need to create all classes for future development.

You will need to create another class called Stock which will allow you to store/manipulate the corresponding information read from the data file.

Write an application that process the provided data and create a report like the one found in Report.txt

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