For this task you are required to produce a web site using HTML. It is required that you will create the pages for your site using only a simple editor like Notepad. Your web site is to be about you, (for example your interests or hobbies, the area you live in etc.). You will upload the files for your web site to a web server, publishing your web site on the WWW. You will also describe some aspects of your web site in your word-processed submission.

Web site content and construction

Your site should identify you to others and portray a topic that is an interest you may have. Your word-processed submission must identify the intent of your web-site.

Your web site will be published

If you have privacy concerns then make up the information about who you are. You should certainly avoid using information like addresses and telephone numbers.

  • You need to consider design, layout, navigation and appropriateness of material for your site.
  • You must create the pages for your site using a simple editing tool such as Notepad (not a Web page generator like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, etc.). If you use a web page generator you will receive no marks for your HTML.
  • Your site should be at least three (3) and no more than four (4) pages.
  • It should contain links to other sites related to its intent. These links should be used within a context in which they are relevant. Do not just have a page of 'my favourite links'.
  • The internal links between the pages and resources that you provide must be relative links so that you web site will work properly when you transfer it to the server. You must not use any relative links that use access above your web site’s top directory. Any absolute links used must be to public sites.
  • It should load quickly - do not go overboard with graphics (read the relevant sections of the study resources for appropriate use of graphics). Ideally the total size for all the files for each page should be less than 300KB.

Required HTML features

It is expected that you will include examples of the following:

  • different fonts
  • tables
  • lists
  • a variety of hypertext links
  • should also include graphics
  • meta tags
  • comment tags


You must acknowledge your use of resources (images, background wallpapers or patterns etc.) by listing the URLs, either at the bottom of your home page, or on a separate page linked from your home page. Your references must also include any books or online resources used in learning HTML and creating your site.

Academic Honesty!
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