Part A

You are required to implement a simple console based program either using procedural programming style in Java (without defining additional classes / objects) or using Object-Oriented style.

You should use appropriate data structure to store the following student results in your program: See image.

A user should be able to use your program via console input to perform the following tasks for multiple times without restarting the program:

  • User selects a student; program displays results (percentage marks and grades) in all five courses. [Grades] 0 – 49:NN 50 – 59:PA 60 – 69:CR 70 – 79:DI 80 – 100:HD
  • User selects a course; program displays highest, lowest, and average percentage marks in the course.
  • User can modify all student results, one record at a time. For example, user may change Jim Lucas’ Java score to 95.
  • The whole results table should be displayed along with the following additional information:
    • Each student’s average mark
    • Each course’s average mark
    • Name of the student with the highest average mark

User should also be able to quit the program gracefully.

Part B

A brief report (no more than 500 words) should also be submitted along with your Part A program. You should briefly discuss the design of your program, which way of programming (the procedural style or the OO style) is more preferable for this particular exercise and the supporting reasons.

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