1. Write function that will make a rectangle out consisting of any character

  • Make_character_rectangle(height, width, char)
  • Should make height rows of width instances of char

For example, if height = 5 and width = 3, and char = '*', a 5 X 3 rectangle of asterisks would be created, e.g.,


2. Write a function that makes a parallelogram of characters in a similar way

Make_character_parallelogram(height, width, char)

The first line of the parallelogram should be height-1 spaces from the left margin, the second line should be height-2 spaces, and so on until the last line where there are 0 spaces before the first '*'

For example, the following would be produced by the command: character_parallelogram(5,6,'*')


3. Write a timer that prints out every one tenth of a second. It should use the format: Hours:Minutes:Seconds.fraction

For example, 00:00:00.0, 00:00:00.1, 00:00:00.2, etc.

Clarification: use the module time and the function time.sleep

time.sleep(1) ## will pause for one second
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