For this first assignment, you will read a fraction of the form X/Y from the keyboard, reduce it to its lowest form, and print the result. i.e. if the user enters 6/12 your program will print 1/2.

  • When your program is run, it will first print your name and rohan class account number.
  • The name of the program must be p1.c No other filename is acceptable.
  • You must place your file in top level of your account. Check this by typing:
ls -l ~/p1.c
  • If you see a file listing, your source code file has the right name, and is in the right place.
  • Your program must prompt the user to enter a fraction, and then read the input from the keyboard. This information may not be read from the command line as part of the program invocation.
  • Your program should be enclosed in a loop that asks the user if she/he wants to reduce another fraction. Thus, the user should be able to reduce an unlimited number of fractions without re-running
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