The requirements as follows:

Create a folder called "SECURITY" on the server and upload all your project files to that folder. Please note, the "SECURITY" folder is NOT to be INSIDE ANOTHER FOLDER. REQUIREMENTS FOR SITE

SERVER SIDE :You have been given a blank database in phpMyAdmin called securityxx which you will need to use for this work. Services • Make the information about the Guard Services page (guards.html) database driven. • Create a table called tblServices • Add appropriate fields to hold relevant information as per the guards.html example.

The client would like to "spice" this page up a little by putting appropriate photo's next to each section.

  • It is your job to source the photo's.
  • The photo URL's must come from the database


  • Add a subtle login link at the bottom of the home page.
  • The login will check for correct username and password.
  • A table of administrators,called tblAdmin, must be created with usernames and passwords ONE of which MUST BE YOUR CLASS USERNAME AND PASSWORD, for example, line1,jaguar20
  • Administrators, who have correctly logged in, can access an admin menu that will enable them to
    • update/change the data in tblServices.
    • Add a new service
    • Use javascript to check that fields have correct information
    • Delete an existing service
    • View the tblCheckUpload as a table with the name of the admin who changed the file and the date/time last modified
    • Add a new administrator
    • The admin section should be secured using session management
    • Logout for administrator section
  • Administrators can also exit to the home page at any time
  • Check Table
  • Create a table called tblCheckUpload
  • This table should include fields for
    • Who added altered or deleted data
    • Date and time info was altered

The Mysql database structure:db name:security01 See image.

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