1.Learning Objectives:

  • Use Stack data structure to solve problems
  • Use java.util.Stack class or implement own Stack class
  • Convert infix expressions to postfix expressions
  • Evaluate postfix expressions
  • Define classes and create driver class to test the class definitions
  • Write a complete program to evaluate infix expressions

2.General Descriptions:

The program prompts and reads an infix expression; evaluates the express and displays the result. It assumes that the infix expression is a valid expression which might has integers, parenthesis and operators +, -, *, /. The division is integer division.


  • Create a class that can convert an infix notation to a postfix notation.
  • Create a class that can evaluate the postfix notations.
  • Create a driver class that prompts and reads an infix expression and display the value of the expression.


  • Koffman & Wolfgang, Data Structures: Abstraction and Design Using Java, 2nd Edition: Pages 170-188.
  • Lecture notes.
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