A message board for scientist discussion

A computer scientist works on different research areas. When some chal- lenging problem is solved the scientist write a formal report (a paper) where all findings are carefully described. The paper can be submitted to a con- ference where a committee of experts reviews and criticises its technical content. High quality papers are selected and scientists are invited to meet and give a presentation of their findings. A conference is great opportu- nity where a scientist can present his paper to other scientists and receive feedback from them.

You are asked by the conference organiser to build a message board system. The system should allow a scientist to open a discussion about his research topic. Each research topic contains a set of messages posted by the scientists.

In the following the main functionality of the system are described:

  • each scientist can create exactly one research topic
  • each scientist can see all research topics created by other scientists;
  • each scientist can read all messages posted on a research topic;
  • each scientist can post a new message

Each message will be posted together with his writer and the date. In the following there is an example of a research topic and some mes- sages:

Research topic: Intrusion Detection Systems
Create by: Leonardo
[22/10/11 14:00] Leonardo wrote I am building a new IDS based
on neural networks. Comments?
[22/10/11 14:12] James wrote You could have many false positives.


The student should select an appropriate architectural style in order to design the message board system. Once the architectural style is selected the student should provide a component based diagram. (25% of the total marks).

The student should describe the protocol used to implement the message board system. More specifically s/he should describe all messages exchanged among components and all rules of interaction (25% of the total marks).


The student should provide the system architecture (5% of total marks) and the reason for the selected architecture. S/he should also provide a java implementation of the message board (45% of the total marks) Note: If we have 5 scientists we can have a maximum amount of 5 research topic (one for each scientist).

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