Rocky Mountain Marketing (RMM) is a direct seller of Rocky Mountain wildlife and nature curios. Customers can contact RMM through telephone and can place orders for curios. RMM sells wildlife curios and nature curios. The cost of a wildlife curio is $20.00 and the cost of a nature curio is $15.00. To place an order, the customer must be at least 18 years of age.

The tax levied on the order cost will be 6% for customers residing in California and New York; for customers in all other states it is 4%.

The flat-rate shipping cost for an order is $50.00 for customers residing in Alaska and $60 for customers residing in Hawaii; for all other states it is $30.00.

RMM wants you to develop an order management program using Java and the Eclipse IDE that will compute the total cost of an order. The input / output specifications are:


  • Full name of customer
  • Mailing Address of customer [the mailing address should include the ZIP code and the two-character state code]
  • E-mail address of customer
  • Year of Birth of customer
  • Number of wildlife curios required
  • Number of nature curios required


  • Order cost (i.e. Cost of the curios ordered)
  • Tax
  • Shipping cost
  • Total cost (i.e. Order cost + Tax + Shipping cost)
[For example, if a customer residing in California places an order for 5 wildlife curios, Order cost = $100.00; Tax = 6% of $100.00; Shipping cost = $30.00]
Note: The two-character state code for California is “CA”; for New York is “NY”; for Alaska is “AK”; and for Hawaii is “HI”
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