You have been magically transported back to ancient Rome. Fortunately you have your laptop with you, along with visual basic. Roman millionaires have plenty of money but they are stuck multiplying with roman numerals, a lengthy and time-consuming procedure. You decide to start a multiplying service, but you need to write a visual basic program which will multiply numbers. The program must allow entering at least two numbers. Your program will be used, not by yourself, but by servants who are not very computer savvy, so you want it to be really easy to use. Since you charge 100 dinari for this service, you want a message displaying the charge along with the product of the two numbers.

Things you'll need to know:

  • If then statement
  • Decimal.tryparse function
  • Dim function, and common variable types such as Dec (decimal), str (string), and bool(boolean or binary).
  • Msgbox function
  • The ToString methd
  • The Not function
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